Middle School is years 9 and 10. The curriculum recognises the need for community connection and offers career education, individual pathways and a phased-in VCE study experience.

These students have a building wing where their student managers are based and many of the classes held. There is easy access to the student wellbeing centre and counsellors.

At year 9 elective subjects choices expand in health, outdoor education, art, design and technology study areas. Formal end of semester exams are introduced to gain experiences which prepare for the assessment requirements of the VCE.

A work experience week is part of the year 10 students' program. At this level they can select one or two VCE Unit 1 & 2 subjects which sees them complete a VCE subject at year 11.

Elective choices examples

Year 9: Languages - French & Japanese; Fitness and First Aid; Outdoor Recreation; Fashion and Design (textiles); Young Designers (wood & metals); International Food and Culture; Drama Script and Performance, Dance Styles and Choreography; Law Matters.

Year 10: Languages - French & Japanese; Literature; Music Performance; Sports Coaching; Healthy Minds/Healthy Habits; Media; Visual Communication and Design; Food for Life; Design it/Wear it; Gender Agenda; Fascists & Dictators.