Last Thursday, eight engineering students from Melbourne University came to MGSC for an incursion designed to get Year 10 students thinking outside the square and using problem-solving skills. Our task was to come up with a way to transport goods across a fast flowing river, and after some debate, it was agreed that we would construct bridges and cars. We split into six groups. Half were assigned to construct cars, the other half bridges. We used materials such as cardboard, icy-pole sticks, battery powered motors, and twine to construct the required components of our project. With the aid of the student engineers, each group created impressive and thoughtful products, some more successful than others when it came to testing the sturdiness of the bridges and the speed and agility of the cars. Being able to talk to the university students was quite compelling, as it gave us a chance to learn what uni life is like and how it differs from high school. The incursion was valuable for all students involved, and for many it sparked an interest in the field of engineering.

Jess Ryan 10D

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