Mentone Girls’ Secondary College is located on the corner of Balcombe and Charman Roads, Mentone. The College aims to provide up-to-date and modern teaching facilities to support the learning of all students.

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Junior Learning Centre (JLC)

In 2011-12 a plan was established to convert the Reflective Learning Centre, previously used by the Year 9 students, into a Year 7 centre. The aim was to improve our transition program by creating a unique space for the Year 7 students that in some ways resembled the Grade 5 and 6 centres in the local primary schools that they were already familiar with. The Junior School Office was relocated to this centre and a Year 7 locker bay was constructed alongside. The rooms in this area are designed to employ a wide range of learning activities. There is a large open-plan teaching area in the JLC as well as a wet room for project work. One of the adjacent classrooms is also an open-plan classroom. The furniture in these rooms is designed to facilitate group work, quiet reading and discussion groups.

Middle School

The Middle School wing includes:

  • an open-plan classroom to facilitate team teaching
  • a classroom with movable walls, which can be opened up to create a flexible learning/presentation space
  • a viewing and presentation room
  • a Year 9 locker bay
  • decking and outdoor access for some of the rooms on the north side of the building.

VCE Centre

The VCE Centre is a study centre for the Year 11 and 12 students and is open before school, at lunchtime and after school. There is an area for quiet study and an area for small group work. The students have access to desktop computers. The Senior School Office and Careers Room are located nearby.


Students can access and use the library from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The library has undergone a refurbishment to provide a fresh, open space with a mix of formal teaching spaces and informal areas for group study and reading.

This dynamic learning environment provides the facilities to access information in many forms, networked to all parts of the school and accessible from home. It is viewed as the gateway to resources and programs that encourage the development of independent learners.

The library is a light, airy environment heavily utilised by the school community. The seminar room has a data projector that can provide large screen viewing of videos, DVDs and computer programs. There are photocopiers, and a colour and black and white printer. There is a scanner and multiple computers providing access to online resources and the library’s collection.

Library staff are actively engaged in delivering quality services and programs to support the curriculum. Librarians work collaboratively with teachers to deliver quality teaching and learning. Information literacy is viewed as a key competence necessary for students to become life-long learners. MGSC library staff run professional development programs to support the teaching staff in the development of their research work. Online bibliographies are prepared to provide students and staff with appropriate resources. Students are supported through the research process.

The library’s intranet pages have been extensively developed to provide access to a large range of material for students. Wide reading is extensively supported through ‘Goodbooks’ which provides access to reading lists, extension reading for class set novels and access to student best picks. There is a wide variety of material available online including online search tools, VCE study materials, direct links to digital newspapers and material developed for teachers and students on research techniques.


The Gymnasium comprises:

  • two full size basketball/netball courts
  • a circuit room
  • a PE classroom
  •  stadium style seating for 400 people
  • a PE staffroom.

Behind the Gymnasium are two multi-purpose courts which can be used for tennis, netball and basketball.

Nina Carr Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre comprises:

  • two Drama teaching areas, one of which is suitable for dance
  • a lecture theatre with seating for 192 people
  • a dressing room
  • an entrance foyer with canteen facilities
  • toilets, including a disabled toilet.

Music Centre

The Music Centre comprises:

  • two Music classrooms, one of which doubles as a rehearsal room
  • five rehearsal studios
  • a computer lab
  • a recording studio
  • two instrument storerooms
  • a Music staffroom.

ICT Corridor

The ICT corridor contains a number of technology rooms:

  • two computer labs
  • a Maths computer room
  • two Food Technology rooms
  • a Textiles room
  • the student ICT help desk.

Science Wing

The Science Wing comprises:

  • five science rooms, including labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and junior Science
  • two general classrooms, mostly used for Psychology classes
  • a Science Preparation Laboratory
  • a Science staffroom.

Dennis Technology Centre

The Technology Centre comprises:

  • a Metal/Plastics room
  • a Woodwork room
  • a Senior Art room
  • an Art/Technology staffroom.

Visual Arts Centre

The Visual Arts Centre comprises:

  • four Art rooms, with specialist rooms for Visual Communication and Design and Ceramics
  • a computer pod with 25 Apple macs, which is accessible from all rooms.

Media Centre

The Media Centre is adjacent to the Visual Arts Centre. It comprises:

  • a large classroom and display area with 25 Apple macs
  • a viewing room with a green screen for filming
  • a dark room
  • a photographic processing room
  • access to an outdoor courtyard.

French and Japanese Rooms

Recently two of our portable rooms were set aside as a French classroom and a Japanese classroom. Plans are underway to establish a Languages garden outside these rooms.

Questions Regarding Our Building Works

Any questions regarding the building works are welcome. Please use our email contact form.