Monday – Friday (4 Lessons of 75 minutes each)

8.30am Students may enter buildings
8.45am Warning bell
8.50am – 10.05am Period 1
10.05am – 10.30am Recess (Warning bell at 10.25am)
10.30am – 11.45am Period 2
11.50am – 1.05pm Period 3
1.05pm – 2.00pm Lunch (Warning bell at 1.55pm)
2pm – 3.15pm  Period 4


College Assembly Days (4 Lessons of 63 minutes each)

8.30am  Students may enter buildings
8.45am Warning bell
8.50am – 9.53am Period 1
9.53am – 10.17am Recess (Warning bell at 10.12am)
10.17am  – 11.06am College Assembly
11.06am – 12.09pm Period 2
12.14pm – 1.17pm Period 3
1.17pm – 2.12pm Lunch (warning bell at 2.07pm)
2.12pm – 3.15pm Period 4

VCE Students may be required to attend until the end of Period 4 on Wednesday and Friday.


Term Dates

See the Department of Education & Training website for Victorian School terms.