Anthony Bruhn and David Russell attended the National Schools Knockouts Final in Canberra where they watched Kisarna Berntsen (10th), Zoe Cunningham (11th) and Emily Ryan (4th) compete for Victoria in the Championships and then watched our team of six compete against the best schools in the country for the National Schools Final. Kisarna, Zoe and Emily were joined by Teiki Waata, Milly Webster and Sophie Bolmat in seven events throughout the day. Team MGSC dominated the Junior Girls’ competition by winning the javelin (Kisarna), long jump (Zoe) and shot put (Emily), 2nd in the 4x200m relay (Zoe, Teiki, Kisarna and Milly), and 3rd in the hurdles (Zoe) – all of these excellent results meant that our team finished in 2nd place. This means that our team of six students were the second best school in the entire country! What a wonderful achievement.
Anthony Bruhn has done an outstanding job in training the girls and organising fundraisers. Many staff members donated their time and money at the barbeque fundraisers and had a guess with the Jelly Bean contest to assist with raising funds to subsidise the team travelling to Canberra.
Well done girls and well done to Anthony Bruhn for his tireless support of the athletics program and his enthusiasm.

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