MGSC has a number of programs that link us to the wider world:

  • Sister school – Nakamura Senior High School, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
  • Study tour to France
  • Student exchanges

Sister school – Nakamura Senior High School, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Since 2006, thanks to contact made through the Department of Education International Division, MGSC has established a sister school relationship with Nakamura High School. Aichi is Victoria’s sister province. In that year 10 students from Japan visited us in their summer holidays and stayed with families from the school community and attended regular classes with our girls for three weeks. In July 2007 a group of 11 students and two teachers spent a week in Nagoya on a return visit. We have now established a program of reciprocal study tour visits in alternate years, and the principals of Nakamura High School and MGSC signed a Sister school Agreement in front of the College at assembly in August, 2009.

We aim to encourage cultural understanding and language learning among the broader school communities by providing these opportunities for educational, social and individual interaction between students and their families.

Study Tour to France

A sister school agreement has been signed between MGSC and Lycee Pierre et Marie Curie in Menton on the Cote d’Azure in the South of France. Mentone gets its name from Menton. The different systems in Victoria and France make regular exchanges and reciprocal visits difficult, but we have had occasional opportunities to visit, and the teachers of French at MGSC have worked very hard to establish a regular student tour of France. Our first Study Tour in the modern era took place in January 2011 and has moved from a bi-annual to annual event in 2016.

Email and Podcast Exchanges

Students in French classes have exchanged emails with students from Lycee Pierre et Marie Curie in Menton, and the Japanese language assistant is working on arranging live podcasts with between students of Nakamura and MGSC. Both programs aim at giving language development a personal and real-time urgency.

Student Exchanges

The College regularly welcomes students on exchange from other countries for all or part of the year. Opportunities are offered to our students to participate in exchange programs and each year a number of students participate in student exchanges to a wide range of destinations.