I live in the neighbourhood zone. What is the process?

All students must complete the South Eastern Victoria Region Application Form. Your primary school will distribute these to you. When completed you must return this form to your primary school. If you live in the neighbourhood zone and choose MGSC as your preferred school, you are automatically placed.
Please note: MGSC reserves the right to verify these claims.

We live in a street that forms a boundary. Are we in the zone?

The side of the street next to the zone is in; the opposite side is out. The middle of the road is the dividing line.

We are currently living outside of the Mentone zone, but will be moving into the zone soon. What is the process?

We are unable to allocate places for people not currently living in our neighbourhood area. Please still complete our College application form and write at the top that you are moving into zone. Once you are living in zone please contact the College. You will be required to verify your permanent residence status. The following evidence is required:

  • An unconditional contract of purchase OR a minimum 12 month lease from an estate agent
  • Either a gas or electricity account in your name at the above address
  • A driver’s licence

What are the criteria for out-of-zone placement?

The priority order for placement is:

  • Students with an older sister who has the same permanent residential address and will be attending MGSC in 2019.
  • Students for whom MGSC is the nearest school to their permanent residential address.
  • Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds. You will need to show that MGSC offers a subject or program that is not offered at your neighbourhood school.
  • Other students in order of closeness of their home to the school eg. a girl living in Mordialloc would have priority over one living in Frankston.
    In exceptional circumstances, students may be enrolled on compassionate grounds where there are significant family or individual circumstances. These claims must be verified independently.

The criteria for placement are set by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and are the same for all government schools in Victoria.
REMEMBER: If applying to Mentone Girls’ Secondary College as an out-of-zone applicant you should also express a preference for a second school. If a second preference is not provided and the request for placement at MGSC is not successful, your daughter will be automatically placed into her neighbourhood school.

Can my daughter live with a relative or friend who lives in the neighbourhood area?

No. Staying with a relative or friend does not qualify as being a ‘permanent’ resident. The residence must be the parent’s or custodial parent’s residence. Guardianship is not a criterion for enrolment unless supported by the relevant papers endorsed by the Family Law Court.

My daughter really wants to attend Mentone Girls’ Secondary College. What are our chances of obtaining an out-of-zone place?

The number of places varies each year so we are unable to predict how many out-of-zone applicants we can accommodate each year. In recent years about 50% of the Year 7 student enrolments were from outside the zone.

What do I do if I live out of the College neighbourhood?

You need to complete an Application for Enrolment form (available from the primary school) and an MGSC form for students living outside the College neighbourhood (mauve form in your information pack or can be downloaded from the Year 7 Enrolments page.  Please return the form to your primary school by Friday 11 May 2018.

What happens if my daughter is not offered a position at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College in August?

There will be quite a number of places offered after this date. Some people decline the offers which enables us to accommodate more out of zone students. We hope to have all places filled prior to Orientation Day in December.  We do ask if you are offered a place and you decide not to take it up that you notify us as soon as possible.

Thought of some more questions? Still need more information?

Please contact the Director of Junior School: Ms Lisa Kosack or Mrs Jacqueline Mathews (Term 2)  on 03 9581 5240.