Middle school students are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a number of areas. Elections are held for a number of positions including House sports captains, House choral captains, Form captains, domain leaders and SRC positions. The students in their roles have an important part in the school and in Middle School decision-making by their participation in the Level Assemblies and various other events throughout the year.

Peer Support

At the end of the school year, approximately 35 Year 9 and 35 Year 10 students are selected to be trained as peer support leaders to work with our new Year 7 students. Students need to nominate for this role, as it is very popular. In this role they develop improved communication skills, build self-confidence and facilitate open discussion among small groups of younger students. The value of this support to the Year 7 students cannot be overestimated. Sometimes the relationships built during this time, last for the remainder of the Year 7 student’s time at the College.