Year 9 – Summary of Core and Elective Offerings

Music Performance & Technology French Semester 1
Improvisation French Semester 2
Script and Performance Japanese Semester 1
Practical Art Japanese Semester 2
Contemporary Art
Media Core Mathematics
Visual Communication & Design
Core Science
Core English The HUMANITIES
Advanced English Core Humanities
Law Matters
Core Phys. Ed Practical Yr 9 TECHNOLOGY
Core Health Education Yr 9 Core Materials Technology
Fitness & First Aid Creative Applications in Macromedia
Introduction to Outdoor Education International Foods & Culture
Design in Fashion
Metals & Jewellery

Year 10 – Summary of Core and Elective Offerings

Two-Dimensional Art French Semester 1
Three-Dimensional Art French Semester 2
Ceramics Japanese Semester 1
Media Japanese Semester 2
Visual Communication & Design
Music Performance & Technology MATHEMATICS
Stagecraft Core Mathematics Yr 10
Script and Performance Core Advanced Mathematics Yr 10
Visual Communication Unit 1 Foundation Mathematics Unit 1
Visual Communication Unit 2 Foundation Mathematics Unit 2
ENGLISH Core Science Yr 10
Core English Yr 10 Biology Unit 1
Professional Writing Biology Unit 2
Literature Psychology Unit 1
Film Appreciation Psychology Unit 2
Inside the Human Body Wood Design
Healthy Minds, Healthy Habits Food
Sports Psychology and Coaching Fashion Textiles
Health & Human Development Unit 1 Digital Programming and Design
Health & Human Development Unit 2 Metals and Jewellery
Outdoor Environmental Studies Unit 1
Outdoor Environmental Studies Unit 2 VET STUDIES
Community Services
The HUMANITIES Equine Studies
Core Humanities Hospitality
Accounting Unit 1 Interactive Digital Media
Accounting Unit 2 Event Management
Business Management Unit 1 Tourism
Business Management Unit 2 Allied Health Assistance
Sociology Unit 1 Hair and Beauty
Sociology Unit 2 Technical Production

The Elective Program

The Elective Program enables students to pursue areas of interest. Students in Year 9 study four Elective units of their choice, including continuing their LOTE studies. In Year 10 students choose two more Elective units – making a total of six. These choices include LOTE and VCE or VET Acceleration study.

Acceleration (VCE and VET) Studies

For some students, Acceleration is an opportunity to:

  • Study Units 1 and 2 of subjects that would not normally fit into their two year VCE, or
  • Have an industry related experience, whilst still attending school, in the form of a VET study.

Acceleration has two benefits:

  • Students gain valuable experience in VCE (or VET) processes, ready for the following year.
  • Students can study the corresponding VCE Unit 3 and 4 study in Year 11 and are then able to enhance their university entrance score (ATAR), because a bonus applies if an additional subject is studied.

However, a VCE or VET study requires students to have highly developed organisational skills to manage the workload together with their remaining Year 10 studies. The Careers Pathway Coordinator or Middle School Manager are available to discuss individual choices.