Years 9 and 10 Curriculum

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Information Evenings Presentations

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2020 Year 9 – Monday 22 July, Year 8 into 9

2020 Year 10 – Monday 22 July, Year 9 into 10


Middle School Goals

Years 9 and 10 are crucial in the development of young people and the achievement of their potential through education. Research indicates that the habits and skills developed by young people in the Middle School years have a direct impact on their success at VCE.

During these years students begin to explore possibilities for their future vocations, with questions about their directions and their capabilities. They also have the confidence and desire to engage in educational experiences to develop their individual interests and abilities.

Our goals are to help our students confidently develop their skills and abilities in an educational environment where they feel valued and have influence. While maintaining a strong framework in the key areas of learning, we provide students with increasing choice and control of their learning. This choice and control is evident in the curriculum, the special programs and in the co-curricular activities.

Students will gain the most from their schooling if they participate in all the college has to offer. Young people each have their own interests, abilities and aptitudes and we want to provide opportunity for everyone to contribute. The whole college will be richer if parents, teachers and students work as partners in reaching the key decisions made at this time.

Middle School Curriculum Overview

Students study the following subjects as either compulsory or elective subjects during Years 9 and 10. These subjects include the domains designated by the Victorian Government:

  • Arts:
    • Music
    • Arts (Painting and Drawing, Ceramics Media, Graphic Design)
    • Drama (improvisation, script and performance)
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages Other Than English (French, Japanese)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Technology (Information Technology, Materials, Systems, Food for Life, Design in Fashion)

The Elective Program

The Elective Program enables students to pursue areas of interest to them in more depth and there are an increasing number of elective units over the two years. Students will select up to four elective units in Year 9, depending on their Languages choice. In Year 10 students will select up to six elective units, depending on their Languages choice.

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