Vision Statement

The Active Learning Links (ALL) program aims to develop and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment through the collaboration of significant teachers working with paired form groups. A key element of the ALL program is the focus on pastoral care. Significant teachers are allocated to each form and support their learning in English, Humanities and Habits of Mind. Each form is paired with another to undertake shared classes each week. Doing so allows students to cohere within their own regular form groups but to also extend their social and learning experiences to other members of the Year 7 cohort.

In addition, teachers draw on their pastoral care knowledge to develop and maintain a robust and rigorous learning environment in which students are supported through clear structures and routines to creatively pursue inquiry based learning aimed at fostering curiosity and to develop independent learning skills with the aid of their significant teachers and peers.

Teachers also apply their in depth knowledge of students as learners and individuals to create a learning community in which students celebrate their own and others skills and knowledge. Through this learning community, students are also encouraged to develop an awareness of their own identity as learners and individuals with personal interests and attributes. There is an emphasis on celebrating students’ learning experiences, their voice and their problem solving skills.

Teachers collaborate and share resources to develop curriculum based activities that are designed to respond to students’ individual learning needs. Team-teaching within the learning space will form focus groups to attend to students’ point of need in their specific learning activities. While core content of the subject disciplines is maintained, teachers work flexibly to make choices about the value of learning experiences for their students and responsively adjust their curriculum delivery to meet the needs of their respective classes.

Students and teachers are encouraged to enjoy and explore their creativity, to develop meaningful relationships with one another and their own sense of self. Students are celebrated as valued members of the whole school community through validating their contributions and ideas.