Technology students develop skills in the design of their own projects which has links with mathematics and art through measurements and drawing. They create projects made from textile, wood and metal materials using a range of skills and equipment.
Food technology students investigate, design, produce and evaluate nutritional meals as well as developing core food preparation skills.

Curriculum Structure

Year 7

  • 1 semester of each Technology area: Food/Textiles

Year 8

  • 1 semester of Wood Technology

Year 9

  • 1 semester of Materials Technology


  • Creative applications of Macromedia
  • International Foods and Culture
  • Design in Fashion
  • Metals and Jewellery

Year 10

  • Wood Design
  • Food Technology
  • Masterclass
  • Fabrics and Design
  • Metals and Jewellery
  • Digital Programming


  • Design and Technology (Textiles or Wood/Metals)
  • Food Studies

Co-curricular Activities

  • Year 11 & 12 Textiles Top Designs Excursion