Learning music is proven to lead to increased academic results. Our music program aims to create opportunities for all students at all levels to thrive and enjoy making music in an inclusive, hands on, empowering, ensemble based setting. Students learn about the music and engage with it on many different levels through a variety of practical and analysis based activities. In core classroom music the girls learn about the elements of music, using these skills as they gain experience learning musical instruments including keyboard, guitar and drums. Students also transfer these skills as they explore composition, using our state of the art music recording studio and recording laboratory. Students in year 7 and year 8 also have the option to apply to be in a ‘band form’. These students get to learn in an environment where they are completely surrounded by, and collaborating with, other music students in all of their studies. Our extensive instrumental music program aims to develop the girls’ performance skills on their specialist instruments. All students participate in ensembles, which perform regularly throughout the year.

Curriculum Structure

Year 7 & 8

Core Music

Band Form Elective

Instrumental Music Elective

Year 9 & 10

Music Performance Elective

Instrumental Music Elective


Music Performance

VET Music Industry: Tech Production

Instrumental Music Elective

Co-curricular Activities

More than 25 events make up the typical musical year and include:

  • Victorian School Music Festival
  • Southstreet Music Competition Ballarat
  • Music Soirees
  • Vocal Nights
  • Winter Concert
  • Junior Music Showcase
  • Musical performances at every assembly
  • Conducting Workshop
  • House Music Competition
  • Major Musical Production every 2nd year
  • Regional Music Activities
  • Workshops and Master Classes
  • Community Performances
  • Choral Festivals
  • Music Camp
  • Interstate Music Tour Planned for 2019

Extra Charges Required:

  • $200 p.a. Instrumental Hire
  • $500 p.a. Instrumental and Vocal Tuition