At MGSC, History, Geography and Economics are studied as a core subject from Year 7-10. The focus of the subjects is to examine how people have organised themselves in society over time and how they interact with their physical environment. Electives are also offered in order to give students the opportunity to study their interests in greater detail.

Curriculum Structure

Year 7 – 10

  • History
  • Geography


Year 9

  • Law Matters

Year 10

  • Money Matters
  • Historical Facts and Fiction


  • Legal Studies Units 1-4
  • Business Management Units 1-4
  • Sociology Units 1-4
  • History: 20th Century Units 1/2
  • History: Revolutions Units 3/4
  • Accounting Units 1-4

Co-curricular Activities

  • Year 7 Museum Excursion
  • Year 8 Medieval Day
  • Year 9 LAS Excursions
  • Year 10 Holocaust Museum Excursion
  • Legal Studies Loddon Prison and Court
  • Business Management Market Day
  • Business Management Yakult
  • Sociology National Gallery Excursion
  • Spirit of Anzac Price
  • National History Challenge
  • My Migrant Story Project
  • Memorial Project
  • Excursions to Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum, Chinese Museum
  • Yarra Cruise Self-Planned Excursion

Students across all year levels are also given the opportunity to enter many Australian competitions, such as the National History Challenge, the Spirit of Anzac Prize, the Simpson Prize, the Australian History Competition the Asia-Aware Competition, and the CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition.

Integrated Programs at MGSC

There are two integrated English and Humanities programs at MGSC, taught at Year 7 and Year 9. The Year 7 Active Links in Learning (ALL) program, which commenced this year, combines not only English and Humanities but Habits of the Mind, which are lessons designed to aid thinking. Both the Year 7ALL and Year 9 Language and Society curriculum is drawn from the key concepts and skills that all English and Humanities students should possess, with content delivered in a variety of ways in order to cater for all students. In Year 7, the integrated studies culminate at the end of each term with a project that focuses on all skills from both subjects. For Year 9 students, Term Three sees them undertake a ‘City Project’ inquiry, which incorporates many city excursions, and the presentation of their concepts to outside adjudicators.