Our English programs develop students’ knowledge, fluency and creativity in reading and understanding texts, and in producing written, spoken and multimedia texts. Students are immersed in a range of classical, contemporary and multimodal texts through class study and our wide reading programs, with explicit instruction in the issues, contexts and authorial choices which are presented in texts.
In 2016 the concept of the Literacy Ladder has been introduced. Linking with this is Literacy Lounge which occurs once a cycle for Years 7-10 students in conjunction with the academic spelling, and Literacy Lane which embodies work for students who face literacy challenges.

Curriculum Structure

English is compulsory at all year levels. At each year level, a broad concept unifies studies throughout the year. These concepts are respectively from Year 7 to 12: Change, Responsibility, Community, Justice, Identity, and Whose Reality. The courses have been developed to meet the Victorian Curriculum guidelines.

Year 7 English is taught with Humanities and Individual Learning by one teacher to facilitate girls’ pastoral care as they transition from primary school, and to facilitate integration of curriculum when appropriate.

Year 8 English is taught for seven 75 minute periods per fortnightly cycle. This allows us to include student-produced short festivals, such as One Act Plays and One Minute Film festivals.

Year 9 English is integrated with Humanities in the LAS (Language in Society) program to promote learning about the development of Australian society, development of research skills and with opportunities for longer and deeper periods of study.


  • Advanced English
  • Real Life Literacy

Year 10 English


  • Literature
  • Professional Writing
  • Language in Focus

VCE English

  • English
  • English as an Additional Language(EAL)
  • English Literature
  • English Language

Co-curricular Activities

  • English Sessions (Thursdays after school in the library)
  • Writing competitions through community and international organisations
  • Public speaking through annual College competitions, Legacy, Plain English Speaking Competition, Rostrum, DAV Debating and local service organisation competitions
  • Incursions with authors, performances and workshops

Support and Extension Opportunities

Gifted and Talented Students and students requiring support with literacy will be directed to online and print resources to cater to specific needs and to help all students to maximise their learning at each year level. Extension activities are integrated into the work at every year level.
English Enhancement classes run at lunchtimes and after school twice a week provide access to one to one tuition.