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Students require a range of hard copy and online resources in their studies. Parents and guardians need to make sure that students have access to all of the required resources in order to support their daughter’s learning. These resources need to be purchased from Campion Books.

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Years 7-12

All students receive paper copies of Campion booklist during Term 4 or on enrolment at the College. Please visit Mentone Girl’s book list page on the Campion website before the start of Term 1 to purchase the following booklist items:

  • * Course textbooks – print and digital copies
  • * Edrolo – annual subscription for VCE Science and Health / PE
  • * Education Perfect – annual subscription for Years 7-10 Languages and Science
  • * Mathletics – annual subscription for Years 7-8 Mathematics
  • * Stationery requirements


Booklist Update  (23 July 2018)


Education Perfect

From 1 July, students who do not have a paid subscription for Education Perfect will not be able to access the Education Perfect resources or activities.

Late payments for subscriptions to Education Perfect can be made via the Education Perfect PayPal link.


From 1 July, students who do not have a paid subscription for Edrolo will not be able to access the booklisted Edrolo resources or activities in VCE Sciences and Health & PE.

Late payments for subscriptions to Edrolo can be made via the Edrolo Payment Portal Link, which can be found on the student’s Edrolo homepage after they have logged in to their account.

VCE Early English Booklist

Students who will be studying English, English Literature and English EAL will also receive a paper copy of the VCE Early English booklist in Term 4. This list includes the texts that will be studied in the following year. Parents are asked to order these texts in early Term 4 so that students are able to use them during Headstart and over the December/ January holiday, in preparation for the following school year. These texts will be distributed to students at school in mid-late November.

The VCE Early English booklist is accessed via the Campion link above.

For any other inquiries, regarding the above resources, please contact:

Jonathan Hall, Director of eLearning.