Textbooks, Resources and Stationery – Information and Purchasing Instructions

Please open and read the following booklist information before purchasing resources:

– Booklist Instructions 2020 – Year 7

– Booklist Instructions 2020 – Year 8-9

– Booklist Instructions 2020 – Year 10-11-12

After reading the year level information in the links above:

1. Purchase physical booklist items from – MGSC Campion Education.

2. Purchase the relevant online subscriptions from Education Perfect and/or Edrolo.
    These are purchased directly from the Education Perfect and Edrolo, not from Campion.

– Education Perfect Subscription and Payment Instructions

Edrolo Subscription and Payment Instructions

Second-hand Books

Options for purchasing second-hand books include:
– MGSC Book Sell and Swap Facebook page
– Sustainable School Shop website

Further details are on our Second-hand Books page

VCE Early English Booklist
The Early English booklist is distributed in October each year for the early purchase of texts required in English, English Literature and English EAL. The VCE Early English booklist is accessed via the Campion link above.

Parents are asked to order these texts in early Term 4 so that students are able to use them during Headstart and over the December/ January holiday, in preparation for the following school year. These texts will be distributed to students at school in mid-late November.

For any other inquiries, regarding the above resources, please contact Marcie Konsoulas on 9581 5200.

Jonathan Hall
Director of Innovation