The Parents and Friends’ Association (PFA) is a friendly organisation comprising every family in the College.

It was formed to provide an opportunity for all parents to discuss issues relating to the general welfare and education of their daughters at the school. The Parents and Friends’ Association has the opportunity to participate in activities of the school. We support our daughters through involvement in various College events.

Meetings are open to all to attend and are conducted in accordance with democratic procedures that enable the participation of all interested parents in the school community. There is interaction with the Principal team, teaching staff and the School Council. There is no joining fee. Donating a small amount of your time shows your daughters that you value their education at MGSC.

PFA volunteers staff the second-hand uniform shop. Proceeds from the sale of uniforms go towards gifts/prizes presented at the year 12 Valedictory Dinner and the Presentation Evening.

Office bearers

President: Bernadette Gooda

Vice President: Elizabeth Semmel

Secretary: Linda McIntyre

Treasurer: Rosa Ferrari

Committee members

All parents are welcome to attend to be part of the committee. The focus is on ways in which parents can support programs and major events at the school.


The PFA constitution was amended in 2020.


Scheduled meetings for 2022 are:

  • Tuesday 1 March Annual General
  • Tuesday 8 March (zoom meeting)
  • Wednesday 27 April
  • Tuesday 7 June
  • Tuesday 6 September
  • Tuesday 25 October

*We may hold extra meetings as needed or online if required.

These are COVIDSafe events.

Contact the PFA

Want to know more or get involved? Contact Bernadetta Gooda through the general email -