This worthwhile and team-building program is introduced to Middle School students every second year and requires 18 months of preparation and money saving before the three week expedition occurs in early December of the following year.

The program incorporates four components: Country Acclimatisation on arrival, Trekking for 4-6 days in forests and/or mountain areas, Community Project work supporting a local community to improve their facilities and Rest-and-Relaxation activities such as zip lining, white water rafting and some shopping.

The students each take turn managing their team’s transport, accommodation, activities, budget and food and are coordinated by an experienced World Challenge leader with subtle support from two MGSC teachers. Although the expedition is quite expensive, the students learn lifelong skills in resilience, working as a team, budgeting and travel planning that they would not learn elsewhere. Previous destinations included South East Asia, Costa Rica/Nicaragua, Peru and the December 2018 expedition destination is Nepal that includes trekking part of the way towards Mt Everest.