Leadership at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College contributes significantly to a student’s preparation for life as she is empowered to assume a positive place in an evolving global and democratic community.

We believe opportunity and skill development is the key to building leadership. Providing the opportunity to lead and follow through a range of experiences enhances personal growth.

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College, with the aid of our Student Leadership Coordinator, provides a wide range of opportunities and encourages students to develop skills in:

  • Speaking out, sharing their own ideas and listening to other peoples’ concerns and opinions
  • Building confidence and assertiveness; learning to take risks
  • Decision-making: making things happen; working as a team; meeting new people
  • Organisational skills: delegating tasks; managing budgets

Leadership Opportunities at MGSC include:

  • the Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • VCE Committee
  • Year Level Leaders
  • Domain Leaders
  • Environment Leaders
  • House Captains
  • Music Captains and Drama Captains.

Teams of students work extensively on developing personal and leadership skills through their involvement in the following programs:

  • The Year 10 Girls’ State Schools Conference which is planned and organised by a team of students from eight state girls’ schools each year
  • The Year 8 Girls’ State Schools Conference, involving a team of students from eight state girls’ schools
  • RYPEN: the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment
  • VICSRC Conferences
  • MUNA: the Mock United Nations Assembly where teams of students represent a particular UN country in debates on matters of world political and social concern


College student leaders run school assemblies and year level assemblies on a regular basis. SRC Members, Peer Support Leaders, Supportive Friends, the VCE Committee, Magazine Committee, House, Sport, Music and Form Captains all plan and help to manage functions and activities in ways that epitomise their emerging leadership skills.

Each year students initiate a wide range of activities and programs. These include:

  • International Women’s Day events, Badge Conferring Ceremony and IWD activities with the other girl’s schools in our community
  • Guest speakers
  • Casual/Themed Dress Day Fundraisers
  • Year 10 Social
  • Year 12 Formal
  • Leadership Training Days and workshops

The Student Leaders at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College have provided an active voice for all students, as well as working to improve the quality of both student and community life through leadership, listening to suggestions, school involvement and fundraising. Overall our girls are moving towards our goal of developing strong, independent young women who will make outstanding leaders in the future.