Students require a range of hard copy and online resources in their studies. Parents and guardians need to make sure that students have access to all of the required resources in order to support their daughter’s learning. These resources need to be purchased from the suppliers listed below.

1. Campion Education (Years 7-12) 

All students receive paper copies of Campion booklist during Term 4 or on enrolment at the College. Please visit the Campion website before the start of Term 1 to purchase the following booklist items:

  • Hard copy textbooks
  • Mathletics subscriptions (Years 7-10)
  • Stationery requirements

2. Jacaranda “LearnOn” Digital Bundle Subscription (All Year 7-10 students) 

All students in Year 7-10 require the JacPlus Digital Bundle This is an annual subscription covering all core subjects. All students require their own online account to access this online, interactive resource.

Purchasing the JacPlus LearnOn Digital Bundle Subscription:

Please visit the Jacaranda Parent Payment Portal before the start of Term 1 to purchase the JacPlus Bundle.

3. Education Perfect Subscription (Year 7-10 students – Science and Languages)

All students in Years 7-10 require the Education Perfect “Science” subscription.

All students in Year 7-8 and students in Year 9-10 who are studying a language require the Education Perfect “Languages” subscription (which covers French and Japanese).

Purchasing the Education Perfect subscription:

Please visit the Education Perfect Parent Payment Portal before the start of Term 1 to purchase the required Education Perfect subscription/s.

Further Information

Please visit the following links for further information about the LearnOn Digital Bundle, including information on purchasing this resource.

For any other inquiries, regarding the above resources, please contact:

Nola Rees, Director of Curriculum, or

Jonathan Hall, Director of eLearning.